Nude & Explicit Sex Scenes from Mainstream Movies.

Lately, I have a hard time uploading tumblr video. Don't ask me. Gifs are fine.

Anahi de Cardenas, Lucia Ojeda, Liz Gallardo / Mancora 2008 Spain

Hermila Guedes / Assalto ao Banco Central 2011 Brazil

Jessica Pare, Piper Perabo / Lost and Delirious 2001 Canada

Delphine Chaneac / Splice 2009 France

Delphine Chaneac / Splice 2009 France

Demi Moore / Disclosure 1994

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Damnnnn I forgot how sexy she was

Demi Moore / Indecent Proposal 1993


Trivia - Harrelson said in one interview that doing love scenes with Demi Moore was uncomfortable because he was good friends with Moore’s then-husband, Bruce Willis. <imdb>

Amanda Ward / Born Bad 2011

Amanda Fuller / Red, White and Blue 2010

Jessie Wiseman / Bellflower 2011


Senso 45

Margot Stilley / 9 Songs 2004

Margot Stilley / 9 Songs 2004

Irene Alexandra / Blood Night The Legend of Mary Hatchet 2009

Nicole Kidman / Hemingway and Gellhorn 2012

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