Nude & Explicit Sex Scenes from Mainstream Movies.

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Carole Laure / Sweet Movie 1974

explicit nude scene


Trivia - The film was originally intended to focus solely on the experiences of Miss Canada. However, the actress portraying the character, Carole Laure, left the production after becoming increasingly disgusted over the actions required for her performance; she decided to quit after shooting a scene in which she fondled a man’s penis on-screen. After Laure’s departure, Makavejev re-wrote the script to include the second narrative, starring Anna Prucnal.  <wiki>

Holly Hunter / The Piano 1993 Australia

Patricia McKenzie / Cosmopolis 2012 France

with Pattinson

Asia Argento / Boarding Gate 2007 France

Asia Argento / Scarlet Diva 2000 Italy

Juliette Marquis,Cheyenne Silver / This Girl’s Life 2003

Rebecca De Mornay / Risky Business 1983

Manie Malone, Extras / Viva Riva! 2010 Congo

Ritual sex

Lisa Maria Potthoff / Todlicher Rausch 2011 Germany

Isidora Simijonovic / Klip 2012 Serbia 1of2

real sex scene with cum shot


trivia - As the actress, Isidora Simijonovic was just 14 when the film was shot, body doubles were used for explicit close-ups and the penis/cumshot scene used a fake penis.

Isidora Simijonovic / Klip 2012 Serbia 2of2

real sex scene

Leilani Sarelle / For the Love of Money 2012

Leilani Sarelle / For the Love of Money 2012

Sonja Richter / Kvinden der dromte om en mand (Unter Die Haut) 2010 Denmark

Unidentified Actress / Whores Glory 2011 Austria

explicit blowjob

Various Actress / 7 seX 7 2011 Croatia