Nude & Explicit Sex Scenes from Mainstream Movies.

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Claire Keim / Zodiaque S01E01 2004

Yvette Rowland / Killer Bitch 2010 UK

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unidentified actress / Gravity s01 2010

Shannon Whirry / Me Myself Irene 2000

Shannon Whirry / Me Myself Irene 2000

Tereza Srbova / Eichmann 2007 UK

Maribel Verdu / Y Tu Mama Tambien 2001 Mexico 1of2

Maribel Verdu / Y Tu Mama Tambien 2001 Mexico 2of2

Amanda Seyfried / In time 2011

with justin

Marisa Tomei / Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead 2007

Valerie Kaprisky / Breathless 1983

with Richard Gere

explicit nude scene


Trivia - Of the love scenes in the film, ‘Valerie Kaprisky’ once said that they were not just acting: “It was wonderful working with Richard…He [Richard Gere] gives you everything to react to. We were not acting the love scenes. They were half real. You can’t say you act only when they say ‘Action!’…I think it shows in the movie. If you don’t really feel like doing it, it shows.” Reportedly, during casting, Gere wanted Kaprisky cast because she was someone he would like to make love too. Gere and Kaprisky are seen in full frontal nudity in the film. Publicity for this film rumored the two to have had a personal relationship around the time that this film was made and released but this has been denied. Two of the French films that Kaprisky appeared in prior to this movie have been described as being soft-core or semi-porn. Moreover, semi-nude photos of Kaprisky were sold prior to this movie’s casting to a photographer allegedly without Kaprisky’s consent but these pictures were seen by producer Martin Erlichman and led to her being considered, interviewed and cast in the movie <imdb>

Halle Berry / Monsters Ball 2001

Kate Winslet / Jude 1996 UK

Flora Martinez / Rosario Tijeras 2005 Mexico

Christy Patrick / Hotel Erotica Cabo 2006

Bijou Phillips,Rachel Miner / Bully 2001