Nude & Explicit Sex Scenes from Mainstream Movies.

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Sharon Stone / Basic Instinct Director’s Cut 1992 2of2


Trivia - 

Paul Verhoeven was so intent on making the sex scenes as explicitly as the censors would allow, that he showed the study executives very detailed storyboards depicting what he had in mind, as to avoid later discussions about the graphic nature of the love scenes. 

The main sex scene with Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone took five days to film   <imdb>

Jeanne Tripplehorn / Basic Instinct 1992

Stefania Casini, Dominique Sanda / Novecento (1900) 1976 Italy.

Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci

with young Deniro..explicit handjob

Shari Solanis / Now and Later 2009 pt1/3

real sex scene

Shari Solanis / Now and Later 2009 pt2/3

real sex scene

Shari Solanis / Now and Later 2009 pt3/3

real sex scene

Bo Derek / Bolero 1984 pt1/2


Trivia - It was widely rumored in the media at the time of the film’s release that the final love scene wasn’t simulated  <imdb>

Bo Derek / Bolero 1984 pt2/2

Meg Ryan / In The Cut 2003

explicit blowjob

Leslie Mann,Olivia Wilde /The Change Up 2011

Christa Theret / Mike 2011 France

Emma Suarez / Tierra 1996 Spain

Eva Green / Perfect Sense 2011 UK

Julie Engelbrecht / Die Tanzerin (Born to Dance) 2011 Germany

Deborah Revy,Leticia Belliccini,Helene Zimmer / Q (desire) 2011 France 1of2

real sex scene