Nude & Explicit Sex Scenes from Mainstream Movies.

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Elisabetta Cavallotti / Guardami 1999 Italy 2of2

real sex scene

Candy Clark / The Man who Fell to Earth 1976 UK

explicit nude scene

Demi moore / Striptease 1996

Jacqueline McKenzie / Romper Stomper 1992 Australia

early work of Russell Crowe

Unidentified Actress / Karlekens Sprak 2000 2004 Sweden

explicit nude scene

Julia Lemmertz / Um Copo De CoLera (A Glass of Rage) 1999 Brazil

featuring cum-shot

Susie Porter,Kelly McGillis / The Monkeys Mask 2000

Elizabeth Berkley / Showgirls 1995 1of2



Trivia - Elizabeth Berkley spends approximately 20 minutes, or 1/6 of the entire film, completely nude.  <imdb>

Elizabeth Berkley / Showgirls 1995 2of2


Trivia - When the film swept The 16th Annual RAZZIE Awards, Paul Verhoeven turned up in person to accept Worst Director and Worst Picture. He was the first director to ever turn up to collect the Award. <imdb>

Elizabeth Berkley / Showgirls 1995 cut scene

Elizabeth Berkley / Showgirls 1995 cut scene

Sharon Stone / Basic Instinct Director’s Cut 1992 1of2

brief genital nudity


Trivia -

Sharon Stone’s infamous leg-uncrossing scene was not in Joe Eszterhas’ original script; it was thought up by Paul Verhoeven while the movie was being shot. The shot was based on a memory of Verhoeven’s college years, when a lady at a party had done the exact same thing to embarrass him. 

According to Sharon Stone, director Paul Verhoeven asked her to remove her underwear for the leg-crossing scene, as he said they were too bright and reflected at the camera. Stone agreed to do so under the assumption that her genitals weren’t visible. It was only at an early preview that Stone discovered Verhoeven chose to use this specific shot. Stone was mainly cross with Verhoeven for not discussing the matter with her beforehand, but decided to let the scene go without changes, as she felt this conformed with her movie character. However, Verhoeven’s version of the conflict is that he told Stone beforehand about the leg-crossing shot, as it was important for showing Catherine Tramell’s free-spirited nature and her constant drive to toy with people. Stone was reportedly excited about the idea and shot the scene. However, during the early preview, her agents supposedly disproved of the scene, fearing it would harm her future career. According to Verhoeven, Stone radically changed her mind about the shot and demanded that he remove it, which he ultimately refused.

According to a poll for movie subscription service LoveFilm, Sharon Stone’s infamous leg-crossing scene has been named the most-paused “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” moment in movies.    <imdb>

Sharon Stone / Basic Instinct Director’s Cut 1992 2of2


Trivia - 

Paul Verhoeven was so intent on making the sex scenes as explicitly as the censors would allow, that he showed the study executives very detailed storyboards depicting what he had in mind, as to avoid later discussions about the graphic nature of the love scenes. 

The main sex scene with Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone took five days to film   <imdb>

Jeanne Tripplehorn / Basic Instinct 1992

Stefania Casini, Dominique Sanda / Novecento (1900) 1976 Italy.

Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci

with young Deniro..explicit handjob

Shari Solanis / Now and Later 2009 pt1/3

real sex scene