Nude & Explicit Sex Scenes from Mainstream Movies.

Lately, I have a hard time uploading tumblr video. Don't ask me. Gifs are fine.

Amy Yip,Rena Murakami,Isabella Chow / Sex and Zen 1991 China 3of3

the pussy calligraphy

Marika Lagercrantz / Lust och fägring stor (All Things Fair) 1995 Sweden

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance 2005 Korea

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance 2005 Korea

Spartacus : Vengeance

Spartacus : Vengeance

Sienna Miller / The Mysteries of Pittsburgh 2008

Mylene Jampanoi / rani e01,02,03,06 2011 France

Nancy Trotter Landry / Brilliantlove (The Orgasm Diaries) 2010 UK

featuring cum-shot

Unknown extra / Salon Kitty 1976 Italy by Tinto Brass

gymnastics boner explicit nude scene

Bo Derek / Woman of Desire 1994

Chantal Demming / Caged 2011 Netherlands 1of2

explicit sex scene

Chantal Demming / Caged 2011 Netherlands 2of2

explicit sex scene

Nina Hoss / The White Massai 2005 Germany

Liz Gallardo / El Bufalo de la Noche (The Night Buffalo) 2007 Mexico

Unidentified actress / A Serbian Film 2010 Serbia

i cut out all the Violent & Gore scenes

Elisabetta Cavallotti / Guardami 1999 Italy 1of2

real sex scene


Trivia - Based on the life of porn star Moana Pozzi.  <imdb>